SPARK acts as a mini-portable generator that uses the kinetic energy from playing it and converts it into electricity for light. Just 12 minutes of playing SPARK generates one hour of light.

SPARK smart power technology system includes a dual harnassing feature, allowing for a combination of kinetic and solar energy to charge up a mobile phone.

With over 600 million people living without mains electricity in Africa alone, this affects education, family spending, health, the environment and wellbeing. With SPARK, children can do at least 2 hours of extra school work a night and families can save up to 10% of their income whilst reducing the hazardous effects of kerosene.

Offering a unique way of connecting with communities and families, Shake Your Power is spreading the message of clean energy solutions in both Africa and India, improving lives and generating joy through the power of music.

SPARK is available to purchase by bulk order only. If you are interested in buying in bulk or sponsoring units please get in touch.


  • Highly robust and durable
  • Water and impact resistant ABS casing and rubber port cover
  • 12 minutes of shaking/playing for 1 hour emergency light
  • Innovative power management system makes sure all your shaking is used
  • Emergency light run time with full battery - 80 hours
  • Reading light at 30 lumen with full battery - 10 hours
  • Charge day and night
  • 850 maH 3.3v Lithium-polymer replaceable battery (Li-Po)
  • Battery can be charged through shaking, solar panel and through USB
  • 2 power LEDs with 30 lumens maximum flux
  • 2 watt, 6V polycrystalline solar panel - full battery in 3-4 hours sun
  • Efficient mobile phone charging
  • Intelligent charging indicator
  • Custom designed firmware




The SPARK assembly kit is a cross curricular STEM learning tool that brings together some really cool subjects. Assemble your kit and learn about Music, Science, Craft, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Electronics and Innovation.


  • Re-usable Polypropylene case
  • 1 x minute of shaking/playing for 4 minutes torch light
  • 1 x breadboard
  • 4 x diodes
  • 1 x neodymium magnet
  • 1 x copper coil
  • 1 x tube/CAD file
  • 1 x super capacitor
  • 4 x wires
  • 1 x resistor
  • 2 x LEDs
  • 1 x rubber band
  • 1 x comic